What I've consumed and created this year. This one might mostly be for me.
Sinema, squirrels, Sherlock, Office Space, Harry Potter, something to believe, Rachel Bloom and more.
You’re probably aware of the current Kellogg’s Strike. If not, here’s the short version from an Eater.com article. More than 1,400 Kellogg Co. cereal…
I sit down with artist, director, and fellow jack-of-all-trades Chris VanArtsdalen to talk about viral art, memes, and being the guy in your sketch…
Public social media, pharmaceutical karma, cancel culture, Wordle, the Beatles, dog poo, a new cartoon show I worked on, and more...
Six Months In, The Cable Library, 8-Bit Old Lady, and Gruesome Claymation Death. This episode is also available as a podcast with bonus content.
Strike Stickers, Dexter Drives, Mike White, Coffee Stoppers & More
Fossil Fuels, Figs, Comics, Wilder Hides, & Some Good News
Clickbait candidates, Covid test packaging design, underwater cables, toilet paper, and cringy breakup videos.
Projections, Red Herrings, NFL, AOC, Warwick v. Tupac, Einstein(s), Deakins, Math, Mice and More
Midterms, Back To The Future, Julia Roberts & MLK, and Pantone drama...
Jury Duty, Teenage Kubrick, Stroads, Cardboard Billionaire Fascists, Blood, Wordle Crochet, Crosswords, Marcel the Shell, and Behind The Scenes In The…