Jury Duty, Teenage Kubrick, Stroads, Cardboard Billionaire Fascists, Blood, Wordle Crochet, Crosswords, Marcel the Shell, and Behind The Scenes In The…
They're real bad, guys. Real. Bad. Guys.

January 2023

Projections, Red Herrings, NFL, AOC, Warwick v. Tupac, Einstein(s), Deakins, Math, Mice and More
What I've consumed and created this year. This one might mostly be for me.

December 2022

Sinema, squirrels, Sherlock, Office Space, Harry Potter, something to believe, Rachel Bloom and more.

November 2022

Holiday Gift Guide Discussion ThreadHello, dear readers of Jacob All Trades! Did you find my 2021 holiday gift guide helpful? Do you have ideas for thoughtfully made and delightful…
Public social media, pharmaceutical karma, cancel culture, Wordle, the Beatles, dog poo, a new cartoon show I worked on, and more...
Midterms, Back To The Future, Julia Roberts & MLK, and Pantone drama...

September 2022

Birthdays, Tattoos, Animatronic Bears, Olivia Wilde, Dark Money, Aprons, Film Stills and The First Newsletter Riddle
Jacob All Trades - 308 PodcastListen now (15 min) | This is the podcast edition of the Jacob All Trades newsletter with bonus commentary.
Backwoods Roadtrip, Midterm Madness, Alien Storyboards, Vexillography, and Snow White Inspired Directing Portraits
Six Months In, The Cable Library, 8-Bit Old Lady, and Gruesome Claymation Death. This episode is also available as a podcast with bonus content.